Anyone can be a Dad, but it takes a special man to be a Father.

Father Factor is a local non-profit organization dedicated to supporting fathers in all situations. The focus is on helping every father be the best father he can be.

This is done with the understanding that all fathers, regardless of the circumstance, have one thing in common...

The Certificate of Fatherhood

Father Factor is not a set of counseling sessions, it is a support program which uses non-traditional approaches when working with fathers. Father Factor recognizes that fathers are the experts when it comes to dealing with their specific situations so the fathers decide what to discuss, what they want to learn about, and what they want to share. This approach is a non threatening environment.

The focus is on support and education. Father Factor reaches out to fathers and offers support with a variety of issues such as:

Parenting Issues
Establishing Paternity
Child Support
Father's Rights
Communication Between Parents
Child Development & Education Issues
The Importance of a Father's Role in the Life of a Child
Becoming a Mentor
Community Involvement & Advocacy

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